Why Automated Performance Testing is a must

SCRUM and Agile are hot! But if we want to provide insight in quality in both shorter delivery cycles and increasing functionality, there are some challenges around quality control in general and performance testing specifically. Performance tests take time to prepare, execute and evaluate and the skills for these tasks are often not present in a SCRUM team. So, should we take the risk and postpone or skip performance testing? No, this is how to do it right!

Automation of a performance test is nothing more than configuring a build server to trigger the test and show the results in raw numbers. But the evaluation of the outcome of the tests and follow up on the results are difficult to automate. Add to this that a normal SCRUM team is not equipped to handle this type of data and to interpret the level of complexity that modern tools tend to produce. Together with one of our customers we discovered a way to successfully implement automated performance testing in the SCRUM process. Performance tests are performed for 22 applications on a daily basis. The evaluation of the outcome is automated and delivers high-level quality metrics. With this in place, management is able to release its applications with a quality guarantee on a daily (or change) basis.

In this talk, Marcel will explain the concept and setup of automated performance testing and evaluation based on a customer reference case.

About Marcel Wigman
Marcel is Performance Architect at Ymor. During his career, Marcel has helped organizations such as the Dutch Railways, ProRail, ASR, ICTU and various municipalities with improving their IT-services. Speed, capacity, scalability and stability of the software are keywords. Marcel started his career as a developer in 1996, followed by working on performance testing, load modeling and performance troubleshooting and in the last few years automating performance testing in agile development projects.

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