Verifying microservices in chains without chain testing?

In large companies we use large (production like) acceptance test environments to validate the system. These environments are not only often fragile but also expensive to maintain. Due to the popularity of micro services we deploy more often, which decreases the availability of these environments. What if we skip the acceptance test environment for releasing to production? Can we still guarantee the quality of our end to end chain?

How do we know our new version is working, without verification in an end to end acceptance environment?

In this interactive session you will learn how you can mitigate the risk not having an end to end acceptance environment by use of Consumer Driven Contracts (contract testing). Pascal will show you…:

  • How we have applied this approach within Rabobank
  • How we changed our test strategy to testing without a chain test
  • How we learned to start using the contract testing with 6 scrum teams on one product
  • How we distilled contract testing principles
  • How we know these checks are reliable

About Pascal Dufour
As a World and European software testing champion, Pascal is not only a skilled but also a passionate tester. Pascal likes to create a learning organisation and makes teams happier and committed to getting the right quality out to the customer. Beside all testing, it is music, technology and creation of communities like LeSS meetup, Bhack and more.

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