The Story of the Little Jenkinsfile that Could

At every step of our testing story, we made conscious decisions to keep our test infrastructure simple.  This design choice resulted in our use of a solitary Jenkins pipeline script for all kinds of testing. Through this one Groovy Jenkinsfile, we run millions of tests in daily builds, personal builds, parallel builds against different Java versions, implementations, and platforms.  This is the story of our experience leveraging continuous integration tools, iteratively simplifying our initial approach, into a solution that spans across many different servers, user scenarios, challenges and demands.  It is the journey of learning and humble revision over the course of a year.

Join us to find out how our small team manages continuous testing at the growing build farms of AdoptOpenJDK and Eclipse OpenJ9 through the ‘little Jenkinsfile that could’.

About Shelly Lambert
Shelly is a Software Developer / Quality Assurance (QA) Lead at IBM Canada. She is also a chief Forester at Nanabush Food Forests and a Certified Yoga Teacher.

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