Test Automation for Managers

Having a good and useful testing processes is hard. Knowing how to recognize what needs to be setup from the start of the project and what needs to be improved latter on is even harder. Test automation is an important part of testing processes. It cannot be isolated, because it will bring almost no benefits and burn you a ton of money. It needs to be correlated with overall testing strategy and goal. As a Test architect, I’ve been helping my clients to succeed in setting up good testing practices. Over the years, I’ve been supporting them to create and implement test automation as part of a successful testing strategy. It’s not just which tool are we going to use, rather which factors influence our good testing, and how are we going to cover all risks.

This tutorial is intended for Managers who are in position to decide how to apply test automation. It can be stressful, especially if you don’t have experience in this field. With the aim to help you understand basic ingredients of automation, I will explain different testing levels, various ways to cover those with tests and how to recognize what can help you, and what is a potential waste of money. We will also go through some ideas how to track test automation progress, when to make cuts and how to support the ones working on test automation.

About Mirjana Kolarov
Mirjana is co-founder of the first testing community in Serbia, called Test’RS Club (testrs.club). After gaining diverse experience in testing she concluded that she needs to give it back to the community, so she started one, as a platform for sharing knowledge. During the day she is Test Architect and Department Manager at LeviNine. But above all, she is passionate and highly motivated software tester who loves getting her hands dirty with actual testing and leads by example, promoting appropriate testing skills and techniques for 10 years, and counting.

Keynote June 20
Mirjana is also one of the keynote speakers for June 20. She will give a keynote about Balancing your test automation with exploratory testing. Click here to see her video about her keynote and click here for the description of her keynote lecture. This keynote lecture is presented by Squerist.

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