Test Automation Day 2018

On Thursday, June 21st, CKC Seminars will organize the 8th edition of the Test Automation Day. During the 8th edition of Test Automation Day we would like to hear your stories! All the possibilities and impossibilities of using automation when you are testing. Isn’t the most important question you always should ask yourself: to automate or not to automate?

Main theme Test Automation Day 2018:

To automate or not to automate, is that a question?
The (im)possibilities of Test Automation

Is this the most important question to ask about automation? What should you automate, when should it be automated, how to automate – all are important but first, should you automate at all? Sometimes automation is a great success – the possibilities have been achieved. But sometimes automation doesn’t work out so well – it was difficult or even impossible. In that case was this question, to automate or not to automate, even considered? Perhaps your experience would now give a different answer. But how can you tell what the answer should be?

Invitation Call for Papers

You’re invited to show us cases of test automation where you are proud of! This could both mean cases of inspiring, entertaining lessons learned by failure (you learn the best lessons of failure) and best practices / success stories.

If you would like to submit a valuable suggestion, take a look into the conditions and use this form to submit your paper before February 20th. The program board will review the papers on content and correspond to the conference themes. Submitter’s will receive a notification of acceptance no later than March 1st. Presentations will be scheduled for 35-40 minutes.
Please mark your calendar for attending the entire conference day!

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