Pre-Conference Masterclass 2018

09.00 hrs. Registration

09.30 hrs. Morning Masterclasses

Penn Room I A1 - Driving Lessons for Test Automators!

Just as to be able to drive a car you need more than to know that it has a steering wheel, brakes and a clutch, so with test automation getting a tool and learning to code will not make you a test automator. Seretta Gamba helps you get your ‘Licence to Automate’ with examples, exercises and discussions. Seretta shows you not only where most novice automators go wrong, but how to do it right from the very beginning!

Penn Room II B1 - Enhancing your automation efforts with Cucumber / SpecFlow

Cucumber and SpecFlow, when used right, can be very powerful tools for supporting communication around specifications and acceptance criteria for your application under test. Unfortunately, they can also be easily misused and become a burden rather than an asset. In this workshop, you’ll learn how to make better use of Cucumber / SpecFlow in your testing and automation efforts through a series of hands-on exercises.

12.30 hrs. Lunch and visit Exhibition

13.30 hrs. Afternoon Masterclasses

Penn Room I A2 - Getting automation right from the start

Starting out in test automation is a big step, with a lot to learn. With so much to focus on, it can be easy to get stuck straight into the details of individual tests, and miss the larger issues that can cause automation projects to fail. This workshop will focus on those questions outside of individual tests, and equip you to plan and deliver automation projects successfully.

Penn Room II B2 - The ABCs of APIs

Web services have been around for several years, especially serving as the magic that happens behind the UI. However, in today’s interconnected world, services are becoming more prevalent as contracts between different software products. Because of this, thorough testing of these APIs is a necessity. Unfortunately, many testers have spent the majority of their time testing from the end-user perspective and have little experience actually testing at the API layer.
In this workshop, Angie Jones will provide an introduction to RESTful APIs and discuss how to test and automate scripts that utilize them.

Key Takeaways:
* Introduction to API basics
* Overview of how to generate scenario ideas for testing APIs
* Survey of open source tools for automating API testing

16.30 hrs. Drinks at the Exhibition