Mirjana Kolarov first keynote!

The first keynote of the Test Automation Days is Mirjana Kolarov, Test Architect at Levi9 IT Services, Co-Founder at Test’RS Club. She will give a keynote about Balancing your test automation with exploratory testing.

We all know that in Agile things are going very fast. As the years go by, it just gets faster and faster and there is no sign it will slow down in future. Therefore, we need test automation to speed us up. With constant rush for new users, new features, our softer is rapidly changing and we don’t have time for regression testing, as we did just few years ago. Trends are changing. UI testing is not the only thing to be automated, API should also be covered with tests and unit tests are a standard. Even with this coverage, can we rely on the test automation only? Can the automated testing uncover all bugs, and even more important – can it uncover all risks? The common pitfall I see these days is trying to automate all, and not dedicating any (testing) time to other “ways” of testing. We often refer to manual testing as something old-fashioned. This is where exploratory testing comes into spotlight – to find defects which are not covered with automation, and which can never be covered with scripts or cannot be thought ahead.

About Mirjana Kolarov
Mirjana is co-founder of the first testing community in Serbia, called Test’RS Club (testrs.club). After gaining diverse experience in testing she concluded that she needs to give it back to the community, so she started one, as a platform for sharing knowledge. During the day she is Test Architect and Department Manager at LeviNine. But above all, she is passionate and highly motivated software tester who loves getting her hands dirty with actual testing and leads by example, promoting appropriate testing skills and techniques for 10 years, and counting.

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