Live Demo: Automate Tests without Reading or Writing Code

As pressure on quality assurance keeps growing, it’s not always easy being a software tester. Frequent product releases, constant system upgrades, and unreliable test cases that put vital business processes at risk, are causing panic all over.

Test teams are having trouble getting automation off the ground, and what’s more, never-ending checklists and complicated test scripts kill innovation and productivity among testers everywhere. In short, something’s not working.

To succeed with continuous testing, teams need a solution that everyone can use from day one to automate tests across technologies.

Participate in this live demonstration of the LEAPWORK Automation Platform and see automation be built and work right in front of your eyes. You will experience:

  • How to achieve better coverage by automating test cases across web and Windows applications
  • How to make better use of your time by running the same automated tests on virtual machines and in the cloud
  • How you and your team can work better together and make test automation fit into your specific release pipeline

Thousands of users across industries are already putting LEAPWORK robots to work to free up time for more of what they should be doing: Grow their business through better processes and better quality assurance.

Join this session to come away with a completely new idea about how to roll out automation and what you can do with it.

About Sune Engsig
Sune Engsig has more than 20 years of experience working with business and process development as well as IT architecture for enterprises. In addition, he has extensive project management experience from both government and the telecommunications industry. He is driven by a mission to find ways for businesses to extend their capabilities with the help of technology.

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