Continuously Shipping Web Apps with Confidence

In the last decade the web made a drastic shift from simple, minimally interactive pages to highly dynamic applications that rival desktop-class software. During this shift, browsers became more advanced, and we started investing more into patterns and frameworks to helps us build apps that fully realize the potential of these advancements. But building an app is only part of the battle of shipping and maintaining an app. We must also continuously and consistently test our apps, but unfortunately, this is an often neglected step. And for good reason — testing is hard.

Testing in real browsers has historically been a non-trivial task. Toolchain setup, writing tests, resolving failures, handling flakiness, and waiting on long CI jobs add layers friction that consume precious time, lower the bar of overall quality, and mitigate continuous delivery of products. However, these difficulties should no longer deter us, as there are now modern open-source tools like Cypress, that enable fast and reliable automated browser testing while providing an unprecedented developer-friendly experience.

We’ll explore a new perspective on automated testing, so we can all continuously ship with confidence.

Amir is a Senior Engineer at Cypress. His keynote is presented by Xebia.

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