Context is Key!

In a world where everyone pursues to do everything continuously it is sometimes hard to preserve the bigger picture. Continuous improvement, continuous integration, continuous delivery, continuous deployment, continuous testing, continuous everything. Many organizations put a huge effort in Test Automation which isn’t always justified. Without having an eye for the given context of process, technology and people it is easy to lose sight of the bigger picture during this effort. This will most likely result in either alienation or an automated chaos when looking at Steve Bell’s model used in Lean Enterprise. Because context is key, so is the context of Test Automation. This session is not to bash Test Automation but to shine the light of context on many real life situations. Where Test Automation on its own is always awesome, it could also turn out disastrous when the execution is wrong. This isn’t always as obvious as one might think and in this proposal we will explain how to recognize those situations and how to justify the effort of Test Automation within a given context.

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About Mark Pieplenbosch and Edward Becx
With a background of entrepreneurship, IT, QA and personal leadership Mark is able to make an impact by focusing on the right place within an organization. Problem solving complex business projects while keeping quality in mind gives him energy.
Edward Becx is a Testspecialist at KZA. He currently works as a test specialist and developer at KPN.

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