Context is Key!

When googling continuous delivery pipeline more than 45 million results are found. Suggestions done by Google says it all: “minimal valuable steps for a continuous delivery pipeline”, “what are the first three elements of a pipeline”, “injecting security in pipeline”. So we got it. People want to know how to create a pipeline AND how to integrate security in the pipeline. With our experts from KZA we take participants in the journey of not only creating a Jenkins pipeline but also put automated security testing of the application in the pipeline. This workshop is hands on which means that during the workshop you will receive a manual to get started in your own pace while being guided by the experts.

Do you want to learn how to…:

  • Build a continuous delivery pipeline?
  • Integrate security in the pipeline?

Make sure to visit this session on June 20!

About Mark Pieplenbosch and Edward Becx
With a background of entrepreneurship, IT, QA and personal leadership Mark is able to make an impact by focusing on the right place within an organization. Problem solving complex business projects while keeping quality in mind gives him energy.
Edward Becx is a Testspecialist at KZA. He currently works as a test specialist and developer at KPN.

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