Code Once Test Anywhere: On Demand Private Appium Device Cloud using ATD

Mobile Test Automation is increasingly becoming very important. Almost all web applications are responsive these days and it’s very important to test how the application works across devices. The same is true with the native application as well. At the same time, the number of devices and the custom OS versions on devices are also vast. This means that it’s harder for a tester to manually run the automated tests over a list of devices to get device coverage and quicker results over every feature development.

We came up with a solution of executing tests in distributed or parallel fashion across remote devices from anywhere in the network using Appium Test Distribution. Same framework is officially used by Appium members for Beta testing of Appium.

The 3 key take-a-ways from this session are:

  • Managing devices remotely
  • Execute tests parallel or in distributed fashion on real devices/simulator or emulator remotely
  • How to setup private device cloud in seconds

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