Call for presentations - CLOSED

On June 19 & 20 2019, the Test Automation Days will be organized at the Jaarbeurs, Utrecht the Netherlands.

Test Automation in a Continuous World
In a world where everything needs to be continuous, has Test Automation also evolved into a continuous process: delivering software, testing, learning, creating value, etc.? How do you adjust to a continuous world? How do you keep up and deal with continual change relative to Test Automation? Or do you think that “continuous” is nothing more than hype to put extra pressure on everything we do?

We would like you to send in your thoughts, experiences (failures and successes) and the challenges you are facing, for the Test Automation Days 2019. We are interested in submissions related to our theme, but also any other presentations about test automation.

And you did see a S behind Day? This coming year, The Test Automation Days will be two days.
The first day will be focused on opportunities for the attendees to learn by doing! A tutorial/workshop day of half-day workshops, where tools, technologies and innovative practices flourish! The workshops will give novice, medium-experienced and advanced test automation engineers the opportunity to gain and share their experiences.
The second day will be more focused on exchanging ideas and tips through talks and presentations, including master classes of 90 minutes for more hands-on experiences.

Here are some ideas, some based on our theme (Test Automation in a Continuous World)  to inspire you to submit your proposal:

  • Continuous learning: what do you need to learn to do continuous integration, deployment, development and test automation? And how did you acquire that knowledge? We want to hear your learning stories! The key for good learning is not what you’ve learned and know today, but the ability to learn new things – that’s what makes our professional stand out.
  • Continuous feedback: a lot can go wrong during continuous processes. How did you deal with a high rate of feedback from continuous automation? What are the effects on test automation, on test automators, testers and developers when feedback is continuous?
  • Continuous value: how does our continuous world provide real value to stakeholders and business users? How does test automation support the business by providing continuous value?
  • Continuous solving: we as test automation engineers know that things don’t always go according to plan. How did you solve the challenges when your pipelines, frameworks, etc. broke down? How  can we organize to survive when continuous processes are no longer there?
  • Continuous improvement: if you think you are there, new challenges, new technology, new solutions are waiting to be implemented. How do you deal with these new situations or are there even old solutions for new problems?
  • Test automation stories: whether you are involved in “continuous everything” or not, what have your experiences been in test automation? How did you get started? What were the blocking factors to your success? What advice would you give to others based on your experience?
  • Innovation: What are the new ideas, techniques and concepts that will shape test automation in the future? What will our major concerns be after the “noise” about continuous everything has passed?

We challenge you to share your thoughts and stories to help make the Digital Architecture Design Day an exciting event – a day of learning, hands-on tutorials and sharing of ideas and experiences.

Call for Presentations
If you are interested in giving a presentation, fill in the form to send your submission to the Programme Committee. We are looking for half-day tutorials, 90-minute hands-on masterclasses, and 40-minute presentations or workshops. We want tutorials, workshops and master classes to give  attendees interesting assignments about how to solve a test automation problem. Note that we will not accept tool demos or sales pitches!

After the deadline for submissions (August 14, 2019), the Programme Committee plus selected other reviewers will review all the submissions. They may want some further information from you at that point. They will then decide which submissions to accept into the programme, balancing on-theme and other topics, technical and non-technical talks, and a variety of speakers and subjects. You will be notified by the September 14, 2019 whether or not your submission has been accepted.

New speakers in the speaking world of Test Automation pay attention!
Are you interested in giving a presentation and you comply with all the requirements except that you are not an experienced speaker? Don’t panic! This year we’ve made a platform where we would like to give new speakers in the speaking-world of Digital Architecture Design the chance to present a case in a ‘safe’ environment. This means we will give you some coaching prior to the event and during the preparation of your presentation, including feedback on your presentation skills if you wish during a rehearsal. If you would prefer to do a 20-minute rather than 40-minute presentation, this may be possible.

With these thoughts in mind, we would like to challenge you to send in your thoughts, experiences (failures and successes) and the challenges you are facing, for the Digital Architecture Design Day 2019.

Code of conduct
Click HERE for the code of conduct.

Presentation & submission guidelines

  • Only proposals submitted through the form below will be honored;
  • Main topic of the presentation correspond to the 2019 conference theme and is relevant to the Digital Architecture community;
  • As the conference focus on an international audience; proposals need to be in English;
  • Presentations with sales or marketing purposes will be rejected. For this purpose you could contact us to become a sponsor (this includes booth and presentation).

Submission deadline: August 14, 2019
The programme committee will review the papers on content and correspond to the conference themes. Please mark your calendar for attending the conference on November 14, 2019. Submitters will receive a notification of acceptance no later than September 14, 2019.

We will reimburse travel costs for our speakers:

  • Inside the Netherlands: return train ticket
  • Europe: max 250 euro
  • Continental: max 500 euro
  • We cover 1 night in a hotel near the conference if you will travel outside of the Netherlands.


The call for presentations is closed. Thank you for submitting your ideas!