BDD and mobile testing: a happy marriage

When it comes to automated mobile testing, we see two big challenges in practice. The first challenge is setting up a useful automation framework and the second are the high demands by CI/CD projects. In this presentation I’ll share how I solved these challenges in practice using BDD, Cucumber and Appium. Both the concept of the solution and a live demo of the solution will be shown. In the demo I’ll show the mobile test framework I used to test a mobile app (Flitsmeister).

First, I will briefly introduce the concept of BDD using the metaphor of the Rosetta stone. Business, developers and testers can finally understand each other using a shared formulation technique that uses plain language, and can be used to describe requirements, build software and automate testing.

Then this concept is linked to the testing of mobile apps. I will show how BDD, Cucumber and Appium will benefit mobile CI/CD projects in a live demo testing a mobile app (Flitsmeister). I will show:

  • How the feature files are transformed into step definitions, making it easy for business and IT to work together
  • A test being executed
  • Reporting
  • A library of test steps, so that future features will be automated more easily
  • The same test being performed on different devices. One of the biggest challenges of mobile testing.

To get a feeling of what will be shown in the demo, here is a video I created for a customer to show the power of BDD automation. (Language is dutch).

We hear a lot about the promises of mobile automation, but we rarely see a framework in action for real. I want to show the audience exactly that. A glimpse of how a team can form a test set together that everyone can understand and even automate.

About Richard Dekker
Richard is a father of two daughters, married, living in Sliedrecht, Netherlands, musician and a teacher. He has 8 years of experience in testing. His latest interest is requirements engineering, Mobile Testing and Test Automation. Beside his assignments he is CMAP mobile app testing instructor.

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