A Continuous Life in Test Automation by Dorothy Graham

Dorothy Graham is going to give a keynote about A Continuous Life in Test Automation.
How long have you been in test automation? What was it like when you first started? How did the discipline of test automation get to where it is today, and where is it headed in the future? In this presentation, Dot Graham takes a look back at her 49 years in software test automation (and testing) from a personal perspective as well as a general view. She shares what she has learned from her experiences over the years, with lessons for today.
Dot started her working life by being put into a test group, where she wrote test execution and comparison programs (they weren’t called “tools” back then). In her career as a developer and then a testing and test automation specialist, she has seen many changes and has been in at the start of many initiatives to help promote both software testing and good test automation.
Each decade has had its own “hot topics” in computing, in testing and test automation. These concerns had a significant impact at the time, and sometimes still have influence today. Some things have changed dramatically over the past half century, but interestingly, some things have not changed. What might the future bring for software test automation?

About Dorothy
Dorothy Graham has been in software testing and test automation for nearly 50 years, and is co-author of 5 books (Software Inspection, Software Test Automation, Foundations of Software Testing, Experiences of Test Automation, and A Journey Through Test Automation Patterns).  She is currently working with Seretta Gamba on the Test Automation Patterns wiki. (TestAutomationPatterns.org).
She has been coming to testing conferences since 1991, and has been involved with Test Automation Day(s) since 2013. She was Programme Chair for the first EuroSTAR conference in 1993 and also in 2009. She founded Grove Consultants in 1989 and in 2008 attempted to retire, but hasn’t quite got the hang of it yet. She is now a popular speaker at international testing conferences and events. Dot helped to start testing qualifications (in the UK) and helped develop the first ISTQB Foundation Syllabus. She holds the European Excellence Award in Software Testing, and the first ISTQB Excellence Award in Software Testing. Her main hobby is choral singing.

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