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Test Automation Day
Thursday, June 21st 2018

On Thursday, June 22nd, CKC Seminars organized the 7th edition of the Test Automation Day in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.
During the 7th edition of Test Automation Day we evaluated and elaborated on what Test Automation has brought us in the past 5 years.. The focus was put on the (business) value of Test Automation; What kind of differences did test automation make for your company, your team and eventually for your company or business results?

Please save the date for next edition:
21st of June 2018, World Trade Center Rotterdam

Central theme 2017:
Test Automation: Show us the value!

Sub themes of the 2017 edition:
– Increase enjoyment of the work such as software development
– Support (the business) in the validation of software
– Increasing the motivation of testers and developers by supporting them
– Avoid production disruptions
– Higher stability of the system so more confidence in the system
– Supporting innovation


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Gwen Stewart

Test Manager TV & Radio, BBC

Isabel Evans

Independent Quality and Testing Consultant

Julian Harty

Independent Software Testing Consultant

Stephen Janaway

Head of Technology, YOOX NET-A-PORTER Group

Ard Kramer

Principal Test Consultant, Alten Nederland

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#proud received high appreciation from attendees as program chair Test Automation Day looking forward seeing you again @tadnl 2018 June 22